Saudi Transformer Services Co.







STS is the latest addition to the STL family of industrial ventures .It demonstrates, yet again, the commitment of the STL Group to the industrial development of the Kingdom, by expanding its core business to a whole new range of electrical distribution products. It also comes as a timely answer to the market’s incessant need for electrical distribution transformers which truly address the local and regional climatic conditions while complying with the indigenous technical requirements (SASO) as well as global design & safety standards and performance parameters.

Cutting edge technologies and precision manufacturing, winding, test & measurement equipment; all contribute to the final assembly of highly sophisticated and extremely reliable, durable, safe and environmentally friendly products.

STS philosophy is built and focused on providing the high product value to its clients emphasizing cost effective engineering solutions, relying  on continuous technology improvement to  optimize  manufacturing  cost and utilize the economies of scaleto achieve lower production cost  thus  increasing sustainability and consequently maximizing customer value.

The factory is currently under construction, with production scheduled to commence in late 2010.

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