Technical Meter Factory


(ELSTER is formerly ABB Messtechnik GmbH)


TMF is specialized in the production of superior quality world-class residential water meters under license from Elster,  the world  renown leader  in metering technology (Water/ Electricity/ Gas). TMF water meters are approved by the Ministry   of Water & Electricity and all regional water authorities in Saudi Arabia. In collaboration with our technical partners and licensors, TMF continues to offer innovative products and genuine state-of-the-art cost and energy saving metering solutions (AMR, remote reading, prepaid smart consumer cards) to both utilities and private consumers.

The company is well positioned to provide regional and global markets with high quality products and excellent after sales services.

TMF production program :

  • Multi-jet mechanical dry dial water meters for utilities .
  • AMR – automatic reading water meters for remote monitoring and automatic billing.  Prepaid smart meters .
  • Data Loggers
  • Water Leakage Detection Systems.
  • A variety of other metering products for utilities (water & power distribution) municipal and agricultural applications.